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So next month on I believe May 11th, which is Mother’s Day I will have a special where Twi’s mom is coming to visit for a talk. Though before you ask, yes I know the Season 4 finale is a day before Mother’s Day. I want to inform everyone that the episode response to the Season 4 finale will be delayed at least 1 week in favor of the Mother’s Day special I’m doing.

I know there’s going to be a big focus on however this season ends at around the time I release this. But I just felt like this was something I wanted to do before whatever happens in the Finale. This will also give me more time as to what exactly do with what the Finale gives us. As it is a Finale, and we can expect something will be pretty huge if the last two Season finales plus all the build up since the opener are any indication.

Anyway, come Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoy a good visit from my favorite of the currently known Mane 6 parents. ^^))

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This is a short prelude to something I’m doing next month. I’ll explain more in the description under the third part))

Given how this is the way Rainbow Dash can learn, it’s almost like me and her are studying together. It’s a win-win ^^

((I actually got a few messages from people that were a little disappointed that my TwiDash thing last week was just an April Fools Joke. While they won’t actually have a relationship like that on this blog. I hope this friendshipping moment makes up for it at least somewhat. As always, go here for my thoughts on the new episode))

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((And that’s the end! Hopefully you enjoyed this crazy ride for April Fools and had a good chuckle from it. Wanted an attempt to go crazy with the humor for once even if that meant I had to wait until a day where it’s ok to not follow the rules even if still I make it quite obvious that this wasn’t really happening as not only would I have at least hinted if Rainbow and Twilight were in a relationship if I were really going down that path. 12 of the 14 parts are just a dream Spike has.))

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((In case you were somehow scared this was how the blog was going to be for now on. These last two parts should reassure you enough. Regardless, Spike still technically dreamt of TwiDash ;) Yay for wordplay!))

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((Same as last update, click if you can’t see the text clearly

And yes, I’m not very subtle aren’t I hehe))

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((Aaaaaannnnddd… this is where things start getting ridiculous))