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((And that’s the end ^^ Trixie is now a citizen of Ponyville in Genie Twi on occasions. Meaning it’s more possible for Trixie to appear every now and then if any Asks call for it. Twilight and Trixie are friends on this blog’s universe. Again again give a good thanks to Navitas for contributing a part of this ^^))


((A mini-crossover piece with Ask Genie Twilight, this guest part slots in just after this submission on her blog. Go check her out! <3

For short context; Jewellery Twilight above is Genie Twilight from another universe (one we had a crossover with) who is friends, but not in love, with that universes Trixie <3

And apparently my Twi finds it unnacceptable for there to be a universe without Twixie happenin’.))

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((Please give Navitas a huge thanks for generously doing a special part for this ^^))

(((WILL REMOVE THESE PARENTHESES IF FIXED: I’m well aware Navitas forgot Genie Twi’s wings and the horn jewelry. But otherwise it’s still a great part and I don’t want him to distress too much about minor things)))

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((Part 9 will be provided by the mod of Twixie Genies at a later date. Stay tuned for when that arrives :D))

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((Give Canon-esque Trixie a moment to comprehend shipping, guys xD

Also just in case you weren’t aware of it. Here’s a link to the Twixie Genies crossover (I know it’s at the sidebar, but nonetheless it is relevant here)))

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((For an alt. universe where Trixie did try to wish to be a Genie from Genie Twilight. And from one that’s a little more mischievous. Here’s a three parter that was made as a gift: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3))

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((Thought it’d be appropriate to link the Magic Duel response that I made after that episode has aired. As it’s extremely relevant to why Trixie is here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3))

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((Just a heads up, not all 10 parts will actually be up today. But most will. The reason being that a specific part will be done by a guest who was nice enough to want to have his own part of this. You’ll see who it is as soon at the end of the 8th part :) ))