((Thought I’d do something special for this month, cause this is probably going to be the last regular Genie Twi update for a long while. As all I have for the 2-year anniversery (Oct. 6th) will be a teaser for something in November and I will be busy with Smash 4 for quite a bit of October. So a 120-frame animation I thought would be a good idea to leave off with. Don’t worry, my anticipation for Smash Bros. has not totally killed my interest in continuing the blog. The reason I worked on getting most of it finished during the Summer was so there was plenty of time so it wouldn’t be a hassle in both spending time playing Smash Bros. and the big thing for this blog. I ask you to be patient, I really think longtime followers will enjoy what’s in store :) ))

Here is a gift to you for your birthday I might just be a little bit late, but it is still a gift. I hope you like it. I drew your Twilight with her blowing a bubblegum bubble
((Sorry for putting this up late, I just couldn’t get online til’ Thursday. Thank you very much Bubblegum Twi! Much appreciated ^^))

Here is a gift to you for your birthday I might just be a little bit late, but it is still a gift. I hope you like it. I drew your Twilight with her blowing a bubblegum bubble


((Sorry for putting this up late, I just couldn’t get online til’ Thursday. Thank you very much Bubblegum Twi! Much appreciated ^^))


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Go and give the birthday girl some sugar!YOU’RE OLDER, YOU’RE OLDER! <3

((Thank you very much, Navitas :D))



Go and give the birthday girl some sugar!


((Thank you very much, Navitas :D))


Just turned 22 today, and I’m willing to have a little fun over on my Modblog. So how about a TMI session today? ^^

Spike: When a night is getting quite cold, I like to move Twi’s bottle closer. Because it also provides some degree of heat when she’s been inside long enough as well.

Twilight: I am not a night light!

((This isn’t an event really happening in the blog, but nonetheless I thought this would be a fun image to make the honor the over 2000 follower milestone! I know this isn’t really as huge as the 1,000 follower milestone special I made which was a remake of the Genie Simulation. But here is the Main 6, with the addition of Trixie, as humanized Genies. Though the reason it’s not too big is because I’ve been busy with both other things in real like new games, anticipating new games coming out, but I have also been working on a rather big project for the blog that I hope slowing down the updates makes it all worth it. I won’t detail anything now, but I will have something by October that will give a little more information.

Rest assured it’s something that I’ll be working on for quite a bit until a lot of it is ready. I hope to have updates for this project with some regularity even while I have two Super Smash Bros. games that come out by the end of the year taking quite a bit of time for me to play them both (If it isn’t obvious by now, Smash Bros. is my favorite video game franchise. At the very least though I will have a sideblog that will be coming out around the time the 3DS version comes out. Actually let me give you a schedule that I’m putting myself on regarding blog matters

Rest of this Month: Maybe a few random asks answered or so. But no promises

September: My Birthday is on the 9th! Letting anyone who’s generous enough to submit a gift then early on. Then probably sometime on the final week of September, I will be opening up a Sideblog centered around Smash Bros. It will still be pony related, as the focus of the blog is where I post screenshots of the game I take in-game and having it seem like it’s the Ponies playing Smash Bros. by their own or together.

October: Early on Smash Bros. on the 3DS is out! And a teaser for my big project starting in November will go up on the blog’s 2-year anniversary.

November and Beyond: About the middle of the month, the first few parts will be up for my big project for I Dream of Twilight Sparkle. This project isn’t just in November, it will stretch into December and probably even a few months into 2015. It will probably the biggest undertaking I ever do for this blog. And I can’t wait to get the chance to share it with you all :)

(P.S. If Season 5 begins near the end of the year or early 2015, any episode responses will be delayed until after the Big project has been put up. It’s too important because I’ll at least give the clue that what happens in the story of this project. It will take place between Seasons 4 and 5 in the blog’s loose canon)

If everything goes to plan, this should be what happens the rest of the year. I now want to thank you guys one more time for not only reaching the 2000 follower milestone. But being some of the nicest followers and friends I’ve ever had. As I said when I made 1000 followers, I haven’t lost motivation in continuing my blog. But it’s you guys that help me maintain that motivation and/olr interest. And I still love every single one of ya ^^))

(Part 10 of 10)

((And that’s the end ^^ Trixie is now a citizen of Ponyville in Genie Twi on occasions. Meaning it’s more possible for Trixie to appear every now and then if any Asks call for it. Twilight and Trixie are friends on this blog’s universe. Again again give a good thanks to Navitas for contributing a part of this ^^))


((A mini-crossover piece with Ask Genie Twilight, this guest part slots in just after this submission on her blog. Go check her out! <3

For short context; Jewellery Twilight above is Genie Twilight from another universe (one we had a crossover with) who is friends, but not in love, with that universes Trixie <3

And apparently my Twi finds it unnacceptable for there to be a universe without Twixie happenin’.))

(Part 9 of 10)

((Please give Navitas a huge thanks for generously doing a special part for this ^^))

(((WILL REMOVE THESE PARENTHESES IF FIXED: I’m well aware Navitas forgot Genie Twi’s wings and the horn jewelry. But otherwise it’s still a great part and I don’t want him to distress too much about minor things)))

(Part 8 of 10)

((Part 9 will be provided by the mod of Twixie Genies at a later date. Stay tuned for when that arrives :D))