((Sorry I haven’t done another answer the past few days nor will I be able to for a little while longer. But I’ve been focusing on finishing the pictures for the Winter Prom which will be at the end of this week. Plus I have a funny feeling I’ll be busy with whatever the new episode has in store for us this weekend as well.

In the meantime though, I picked up Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U recently. With the ability to create objects, naturally I made an attempt at making my favorite pony. I didn’t do it from scratch. I did look around for some references online to help me. And it’s not entirely perfect, but I think you could say it’s alot better then just spawning a small purple Unicorn and calling it Twilight. I even made it so that if you spawned a book, Twilight would walk over to it, pick it up, and express a heart emoticon. (And it’s as adorable as it sounds). And as you can see, she’s also ridable. And with all those adjectives I could do to make Twilight giant and what not? Until there’s a game where you can more accurately make a pony from Friendship is Magic and ride them, make them like their favorite things, and whatever else to play with them. Then I think it was definitely worth the $60 purchase :)

I even made an attempt at making Genie Twilight related to this blog though I had to delete parts of the Mane and the Tail in order to have the room for the attire (Kinda lame but oh well). I’ll probably make more of the Main 6 at a later time.

Also, sorry if the camera quality is bad to you guys. I used my 3DS to capture these images off the Gamepad screen. And it’s not exactly the highest quality camera. But it served a purpose here. I won’t have anything else today, wednesday, or Thursday (Unless you’d like me to post more Scribblenaut ponies, though I suppose I could do that on my mod blog) but Friday, and Saturday are assured content because of the Winter Prom))

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